Clio Judging - The Journey/Setup 10.04.11

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Flew out to Santa Fe yesterday. A long journey involving 3 flights 2 car journeys and lots of waiting around. Atlanta airport is nuts, loads of people seemingly wondering around without any aim and very few places to sit.

Arrived a bit dishevelled but in fairly good shape sunk a Santa Fe Nut Brown and retired for the night.

Days 1 & 2
Lots of moving boxes around, numbering, checking, setting up screens and rechecking all the Print boards. The room is pretty big so we should be able to fit it all in but there must be over 2000 pieces of work here to organise. Luckily Bill has been his usual organised and complusive self so everything except Direct has been numbered up.

The altitude here is fierce when you are pushing a box up hill - luckily the hotel lets us use the Encantado golf buggy so we can drive around at top speed.

Encantado buggy

Day 3
Print and C&C judges started showing up today. Some familiar faces some new. Spent most of the day doing final checks on Print and setting up for C&C, checking through all the video media VLC seems to play everything more comfortably than Graphic C but we need to get it past officer Clancy. Adam, the VLC champion, is a model of efficiency "I like things to be streamlined dude."

Finish the day with a welcome reception for the Print and C&C judges who all seem to be here. Faris must have sanded his horns off or something cos theyre not there any more.

Posted by: Terry K