We currently offer a full range of affordable and reliable web hosting services for business and e-commerce users, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting or managed hosting. We cater for small websites, online stores, massive data warehouses and even supply co-location services. We also offer maintenance and support contracts to help keep your website up-to-date and secure. We have many years experience of setting up e-commerce systems, secure websites with SSL and VPN setups and hosting and distributing online media.

Media Hosting

We have been handling, processing and streaming large amounts of media for our clients for years. In fact we helped stream the first ever live broadcast from the Houses of Parliament in 1998.

As well as enterprise level server setups and RAID arrays we utilise an international distributed network of cloud computers to balance high demand for our clients media.

In 2009 we launched our bespoke online media processing and storage solution: BubbleVault. This system is unlike other online media storage warehouse solutions, as not only do we host and backup uploaded media, the system also reprocesses this media on-the-fly in various ways, such as taking a high quality MPG video file and creating a Flash video and QuickTime video version and generating thumbnail images from within the movie. This solution also seamlessly integrates with our online entry systems and our Awards Engine product, allowing entrants to upload media and be able to view it as soon as it's uploaded across multiple platforms and devices.

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