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We specalise in complete services for award shows: from entry systems, through media handling, to online and on site wifi judging. 

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  • LIA 2019

    We've been working with our friends at LIA since 2007. During that time we've continued to develop their entry system into the highly advanced tool that it is today. The importance of LIA, on the Creative Awards calendar, was recently affirmed when The WARC creative 100 recently ranked LIA as one of only 5 Global awards to be included in the Warc 100 Creativity rankings. LIA 2019 is now open for entries.

  • Ciclope Latino

    It's tricky to keep up with all the site launches here at Thoughtbubble HQ lately. One of our recent launches has been the Entry system for CICLOPE Latino. Based on our AwardsEngine system, CICLOPE Latino is one of the CICLOPE regional festivals we work on. Unlike other events in the region, CICLOPE Latino focuses on the art of execution, rather than the ideas.

  • Adweek Project Isaac

    We're having a busy time at Thoughtbubble HQ! Another day another Entry system open. This time it is the Adweek Project Isaac awards. Using the AwardsEngine system, this awards casts a celebratory light on true invention – beyond innovation – across all of Adweek’s areas of coverage.

    Entries from around the world are accepted across 29 categories, divided into three brackets: Advertising & Marketing, Media, and Best Practices. An independent panel of jurors, using the AwardsEngines highly effective judging module, will judge the submissions in two rounds.

  • BBC News Awards

    Working with the BBC, Thoughtbubble are happy to announce the launch of the BBC News Awards. New for this year, it is a way of recognising staff in BBC News and Current Affairs. The awards are open to anyone in News, plus supporting divisions, and will be judged by a diverse panel from across the BBC. Entries are open until April 14th. The system, as you might have guessed, uses our AwardsEngine system.


  • Berlin Commercial Awards

    Thoughtbubble have recently launched the Entry system for the Berlin Commercial. A festival for the currators of visual culture, this bright and bold site uses the AwardsEngine system as it's template. Enter now.

  • Franchise Innovation awards

    Another Entry system we've recently launched was the inaugural Franchise Innovation Awards from Franchise Update Media. Recognising the franchise brands that are creating and implementing the most original and successful business innovation strategies and tactics in the U.S. Built on our AwardsEngine system, Franchise Update media will also be making use of our online Judging module. Contact us, to see how we can help you with your Entry System.

  • Young Director Award

    The Young Director Award has recently been launched with a new site built by Thoughtbubble. The fresh new look now contains all the past winners of the YDA, going back to 2011. The Entry system is again, based on our, ever improving, AwardsEngine system.

  • Wintrade

    Wintrade had a Polling system already in place that was not working as they wanted. They approached as and asked us if we could help them out. In the space of a few days we built a new Polling system for them, that allows a user to easily create an account and vote for their favourite nomination. If you need a Poll, we now offer this service, as a module, as part of our AwardsEngine system.

  • Adweek Fastest Growing Agencies

    Adweek's inaugural list of Fastest-Growing Agencies honors the organizations large and small from all over the world whose industry presence is on the rise. Accepting entries from every agency category and type, this new distinction will be awarded to those companies that have achieved significant growth over the past three years. Thoughtbubble have built the website showcasing the new awards, which features a CMS offering full control over the site content, with the Entry system being built on our AwardsEngine platform.

  • Cresta Awards - Entries open

    Today (1st February) saw the launch of the Cresta Awards. Now relaunched under new ownership, the Cresta Awards, built on our AwardsEngine platform, inspire, recognise and reward the highest standards of creativity and champion the positive contribution creativity can bring to society. Very much a design-focused website, we applied the creative from Fernando Gutierrez and applied the style to the entire entry process.


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