About us

History - 1998

Thoughtbubble was established in 1998 as a partnership. Initially we focused on print and web site design. We were also involved in some pioneering web accessibility work.

History - 1999

In 1999 Thoughtbubble Limited was launched and while the London office grew an additional office was set up in Auckland New Zealand. At this time we offered a range of online services, including streaming video, e-commerce, bespoke content management systems and database integration. We quickly gained a reputation through personal recommendations and word of mouth throughout the media and education sectors.

History - 2000

In 2000 Thoughtbubble offered consultancy, software training and work on maintenance and support contracts for various clients. We also started to attract mainstream business to our market coverage.

History - 2001

Thoughtbubble started to offer a full range of hosting services in 2001; we currently own over ten web servers and host over 40 websites. We also built some Flash and database integrated websites, started to offer CD-ROM design, as well as developing WAP and SMS services.

History - 2002

2002 saw Thoughtbubble entering the worlds of website ownership and online marketing. We launched our own websites including ones for the World Cup and the Premier League. We also virally marketed these sites, which in turn taught us how to do the same for our clients. At the end of the year we were also working on secure CD-ROM and website integration.

History - 2003

2003 started with Thoughtbubble staff writing industry specific articles, editing books on the web and guest lecturing about all things web. We also started to offer tailored search engine and email marketing services. Recently we were in the 'ones to watch' section of the New Media Age Top 100 Agencies.

History - 2004

The year started with the introduction of a new arm called Writebubble aimed at internet editors. Elsewhere we took the opportunity to consolidate our client list and re-established links with previous clients like the National Lottery and BBC and Integrated Sage (accounts package) with our key e-commerce sites. Mid way through the year also saw the inroduction of a new corporate branding for Thoughtbubble.

History - 2005

A busy year for Thoughtbubble adding new clients such as; The British Heart Foundation; The Metropolitan Police; Hillstation Icecream; Mapscape; Clio Awards and Logica CMG to our portfolio.

We also focused on attracting further award shows to utilise our easy-to-use online entry system. Cannes Lions continued a consistent year on year increase in entries since Thoughtbubble built their online entry system in '02.

We also constructed the innovative interactive mapscape map of Central London and assisted with the launch of the brand. We had a mini expansion and welcomed 4 new members to the team.

History - 2006

A productive year for Thoughtbubble; for the second year running we have ran the Clio Awards judging system in the USA, using our ground breaking wireless judging system. We also focused our attention on charity projects, and we developed an .NET project management system for the Breast Cancer Care Web team allowing the charity to manage their intranet and web projects.

We were commissioned by Save The Children to work on their first ever integrated global campaign which included a content management system which allowed our clients to add images and videos globally we also created a blackboard with a map of the world on it so that visitors could show there support by writing a message, the blackboard was also available in 15 other languages to make it accessible to visitors all over the world.

We also welcomed London International Advertising Awards and Dubai Lynx to our growing list of award show clients.

History - 2007

This year the focus was mainly on award shows, including a new online shop for Cannes and for Eurobest we developed an advanced semantic navigational system that allows visitors to search and view entries with some clever visual tools.

We soft launched AwardsEngine.com, a service as product (read more at awardsengine.com). The first clients to use this new solution were Sony Radio Academy Awards who judge the very best of the UK radio industry nationally, regionally and locally, the London International Advertising Awards (LIAs) which judge exceptional and creative work in advertising, design and digital media, and the World Press Awards who all used our AwardsEngine CORE package.

On a pr front we featured in Adobe success stories, we had been selected from a group of companies by Adobe.com.

We also became Apple developers joining the ADC.

History - 2008

This was an exciting year for Thoughtbubble where we did a lot.

We introduced Apple IPod Touch to our bespoke wireless judging system for the Clio Awards.

We rebuilt and hosted the National Lottery Good Causes Website. They also hold an awards show, which recognises highly achieving Good Cause lottery projects and uses our Awards Engine Core software.

We launched a joint venture: Want Don’t Want Space, which allows individuals who are seeking or who have spare office space or spare office desks to rent throughout the UK.

We also expanded our services list to included SEO (search engine optimisation) to improve clients volume and traffic quality on websites.

We hosted our first seminar, Google 4 Grown-Ups, which was very well received and helped launch our new seminar service.

At the end of the year we launched BubbleVault; a product that stores and reprocess online media files.

History - 2009

Our twelfth year trading and our tenth year as a limited company shows us going from strength to strength.

Our product range; Awards Engine and BubbleVault are both working very well, with many international clients using them both.

There are a few new international clients, like Spikes Asia and the Art Directors Club in New York, with whom we hope to have the same ongoing relationships we have with all our current clients.

Our new services have been going well too. We did some great SEO work and corporate seminars with clients such as GM.TV, Greenpeace and Spotlight. We are also hosting Google 4 Grown-Ups Seminars across the UK.

We've also built our first Facebook Application, for Eurobest, integrating Facebook with Flash and ColdFusion.

And we have added a new client to our Electronic Judging System; the London International Awards, which we judged in Las Vegas in October, again with the judges using iPod Touches to vote.


History - 2010

13 is lucky for us it seems, as our thirteenth trading year was our best on record.

New clients included the fabulous Gunn Report and the Hollywood Reporter Key Arts Awards. 

We appointed a dedicated Office Manager and a Chief Operations Officer.

We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of our longest serving staff member, shortly followed by the next staff 10th anniversary in 2011.

History - 2011

14 years and still going!

We started the year with a second 10th anniversay of one of our staff. 

We gathered a few new clients too, including the PromaxUK awards.

We ended the year with some new hirings across our departments as we continue to grow slowly, but surely.

History - 2012

Fifteenth year in business this year. Soon we'll be old enough to drive!

As the year starts we continue our recruitment drive to cope with the volume of work we have. Check out the vacancies page as we may well be hiring right now!

History - 2013

This year we have expanded and added a few new clients to the Awards Engine stable including Global Effies, British Arrows and Golden Drum.

Towards the end of the year we launched Clio Image. A new venture for the Clio team welcoming entries from advertising in fashion.

History - 2014

Another busy year with numerous judging events and Awards systems built both with bespoke systems and the Awards Engine tool.

This year we have worked on 28 awards shows across the globe - phew!

As the year ends it looks like we will be running judging sessions in Belgium (for Creative Club of Belgium) and Ireland (for Kinsale Sharks) next year, both running on Awards Engine.

History - 2015

2015 was all about "expansion"... we expanded our client base, our staff and also set up a US office!

Set up in Fayetteville, Arkansas, our US branch office will offer two key services. The primary one will be to offer more time zone relevant support to our US clients and the secondary one is to grow our market sectors across America.

History - 2016

2016 so far has seen us rebrand, redevelop and relaunch our AwardsEngine product. See the new website: http://www.awardsengine.com or wander through our demo: http://demo.awardsengine.com.