About us

Who are Thoughtbubble?

Thoughtbubble was established in 1998 we are now a Full Service Web Agency. We offer online solutions for your online needs including design, front end development, database and hosting. We specialise in engineering awards technology.

We have developed AwardsEngine a world class awards system used by a wide range of clients across the globe. We design and build 'brochure' websites for our clients and entry systems to handle entries to their shows. Judging systems to evaluate the work, and winners systems to celebrate that work. we handle all the ecommerce needed for that and the hosting so that people can access it. We can offer all or just some of those modules

For Thoughtbubble 'full service' means sitting down with our clients and listening to what they want and coming up with solutions that work for them and their clients. We make the difference between just completing a job and putting that extra effort in to ensure the job is done properly. Ask our clients about us, nearly all of them use Thoughtbubble more than once and quite a few have worked with us for years.

We started as a web design company with a 'can do' approach and took on other skills and experience to do the job properly. We have evolved into a Full Service Web Agency and have a focus on Awards.