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British Arrows has been running for over forty years, awarding and celebrating the innovation, bravery and artistry of moving image advertising. Our working relationship with British arrows goes back to 2013 and we now run the Entry, Judging and Ticketing websites.

The British Arrows Entry site is built on our AwardsEngine3 system and is fully customised for British Arrows exact requirements, including the use of "Clock numbers" to identify the advertising media required. The Controls within the Entry system, give the client complete control over the Entry and Order information. One of the popular updates made in AE3, which British Arrows makes good use of, are the improved Entry checking tools. As well as adding notes, you can quickly mark an entry as 'Approved' or add your own custom tags (such as "check media"), which you can use to filter your entry list. Useful for chasing those final entries as the deadline approaches.

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