Gerety Awards Case Study View

The Gerety Awards were launched in 2019.
It is named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who coined the slogan "A diamond is forever," the Gerety Awards recognises global talent, mentors and allies within advertising—the people who will redefine the standard to which advertising should be held and what is traditionally perceived as ‘normal’ for the advertising industry.

Thoughtbubble helped Gerety get off the ground using the AardsEngine platform which should have a familiar feel for their potential customers. All entries are made through our entry system and all judging is made online as well as the final round on site in numerous countries across the planet.

The final results winners pages are published through our systems.

Gerety Awards

Thoughtbubble's Awards Engine made the Gerety Awards a reality.
The entry system is simplistic and our juries from around the world have always been very happy with how smooth and easy the judging system is to use.
Terry and Mitch are always on hand to help, they are professional and we are very happy to work them.

Gerety AwardsJoe Brooks CEO & Co-Founder