London International Awards Case Study View

Since 2005 we have been assisting London International Awards with their annual advertising awards.

We built, from scratch, an entry website and complex content management system and entry management tool with advanced searching features. From the CMS the LIA team has tremendous powers over each entry, including editing all information, viewing all entries by business and geographical slices. 

The system allows for online judging and winners selection that feed entries into the winners website.

Thoughtbubble help organise the on-site judging sessions and run all technical aspects wihich involves presenting the media and collecting and counting votes. On site judges vote on the work via iPod touch which allows them to scroll through the work and cast their votes. This process was described by many of the judges as "the most natural way to vote" and "the voting process does not get in the way of the work like it can on other shows"

London International Awards

Thoughtbubble has created LIAs entry system, judging system and website which we have been using since 2005.  They are always available to modify our different platforms both technically and visually so that we stay current to match both our needs and those of our clients. 

Their on-site judging technology allows for an easy, relaxed judging atmosphere for our clients and integrates seamlessly with our back end. 

London International AwardsBarbara Levy Owner