We have utlised our years of experience and created a few 'out of the box' products for our clients. Built with the same hand-crafted care that we put into our bespoke work our aim was simply to make our client's lives better.


BubbleVault is an online media storage and processing solution, for all Thoughtbubble clients who need to upload, reprocess or store image, video and audio files.

The BubbleVault system seamlessly integrates with our bespoke systems, AwardEngine sites and even offers a direct access interface for those clients who don’t have a website or entry system built by us.

BubbleVault prepares video and other media by processing it to your needs creating on online portfolio. It can even create multpile versions on-the-fly, whatever your needs.

You can find out more by contacting us, or by visiting the BubbleVault website.