Google 4 Grown-Ups

SEO Training Seminar

Hosted by Thoughtbubble and presented by Tim Ireland

This unique one-day search engine optimisation training seminar and workshop is designed for anyone in any business who needs to be aware of the potential profits, costs and pitfalls that await them in any pursuit of the traffic streaming through major search engines, especially Google.

This seminar has been very well received and we hope to schedule repeat events not just in London, but elsewhere in the UK.

If you are interested in attending a future event, please register your interest here.

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Reactions to our recent London event:

"Tim Ireland is a very enjoyable, entertaining speaker." - Gareth Herincx, GMTV

"A good overview, with good examples and learning that you can take away and use." - Kimberley Slack, Findel Education

"Great people, presenter, content and delivery. An extremely insightful, well planned and creatively delivered event. From the pre-event publicity to the materials on the day, Tim and Thoughtbubble went way beyond most technical seminars, bringing the content to life and making an enjoyable educational day for anyone with an interest in Google and SEO." - Xavier Adam, Managing Director, AMC Network

Reactions to our private seminar events:

"Thoughtbubble provided an excellent and thought provoking day's training on how to get great results through search engine optimisation. They opened our eyes to what well thought out keyword strategies can achieve." - Martin Lloyd, Communications Manager, Greenpeace International

"It was very well received by the team, particularly the focus on the overall strategy rather than a mundane list of items that should be done for SEO. We're applying the techniques to enhance a couple of clients' websites which are also having a side-effect of improving their usability." - James Whelan, Screen Business Limited

More about Google 4 Grown-Ups

The ranking algorithms are constantly updated and the market is constantly evolving, but the past decade has shown a clear direction in development that needs to be carefully considered by anyone wishing to attract new business via search engines. Only by taking the whole picture in can anyone hope to grasp what the future might hold, and where the best investment(s) might be for your business.

Google 4 Grown-Ups is, in short, a 'back to basics' exercise designed to be of equal use to novices, professionals, professionals who have to work with novices and novices seeking to employ professionals.

In other words, you should come away from the experience with a better understanding of search engine optimisation, and the ability to better explain your needs and goals to others.

In terms of specific skills, the event also teaches you:

  • How to form a keyword strategy that will last for years
  • How to deploy that strategy so it brings in immediate returns
  • How to structure that strategy so it brings in ever-increasing returns, with link popularity being your only variable
  • What to consider when deciding the best method of link generation for your website

The afternoon session is where we switch from seminar to workshop mode and will focus on specific questions about attendees' projects/websites. This allows us to illustrate theory with further real-work examples and provide valuable site-specific consultation for participants.

Do get in touch if you would care to join us for an educational and entertaining look at the fundamentals of SEO and find out why it's not just beginners who need to start with the basics.

If you are interested in attending a future event, please register your interest here.

If you would like to discuss a private seminar for your staff, please contact us.